Flowering Ornamental Crabapples – “Malus”

The most important flowering and ornamental tree of the late 1990’s. No other flowering tree can equal the Flowering Crabapple in hardiness, profusion of bloom, variations in growth habits, foliage colorations, and size and color ranges of its fruits. They are unequaled in providing natural foods for wildlife.

Many interesting varieties exist that provide for very narrow growth, or dwarf, weeping, tall, and erect varieties, shade tree variations, and varieties that provide gently spreading heads or stately formal growth patterns.

They excel in variations of fragrance, in color, form, and fruitfulness. Many are blight or disease and insect resistant.

Flowering Crabapples readily lend themselves for plantings on the home grounds, as well as for plantings in the largest cities, our hospitals, our parks, for highway plantings, or industrial plantings. We sell thousands annually and devote about sixty-five acres to this very lovely ornamental tree – over 70 varieties.

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