Hostas are the featured perennial plants in the Wade Botanical Gardens. Now consisting of approximately 3,100 different species and named cultivars. Plants range from cultivars with giant leaves, as large as 22 inches long to mediums, smalls, dwarfs, down to minature leaves as small as 1/2 inches wide.

Leaf colors of Hostas range from hundreds of shades of deep to light green, light yellow to deep golds in solid colors numbering several hundreds. Blue colored hostas number in the hundreds with varying amounts of bluish shades in both multi-colored, solids, edged, centered or streaked leaves. Variegated leaved forms have hundreds of white, gold hues, yellow, streaked leaf center, while hundreds have wide and narrow edges of golds, yellows, creams and whites. Ruffled leafed edges and margins are ever popular, as well as white undersided leaf types.

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