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The gardens actually started in the 1930’s through the 1960’s with Pearl Gatton, Nell Wade, and Adelia Gatton each with their own small private gardens, close around the two homes. Van and Shirley Wade started to add to the gardens in 1983, and have added additional features each season since.

Hillsides, slopes, a woodland setting, among giant Canadian Hemlocks, White Oaks, hundred year old Sugar Maples, seventy year old White Pines and eighty to ninety foot tall European Larch, which add tall overhead shade to the small stream and waterfall within the gardens.

The large Victorian style family home built in the late 1880’s was remodeled and added on to in 1911. The home has 18 rooms with 4 large, white pillared porches. The home stands proudly at the top of a small hill, surrounded by the Gardens and Nursery, amid tall Maples and conifers.

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